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The fact they won't even confirm having gay characters outright, when they often market themselves as a hugely LGBT-friendly company, is just a little concerning for me. Renee tenison nude. Mass Effect Wiki - For your random question needs.

Mass Effect 3 learned to add them more. Mass effect lesbian romance. And finally, most players seem fine or for gay romances, and is mostly done by straight people, so it is an unpopular opinion to say there should be less of them.

Keep me logged in on this device. Plenty of folks can't play regenade because they identify with their characters or don't enjoy the content, and their personality as a human being plays a certain role. I don't think it will change in ME3, as they will just keep up with this. There is no lesbian romance with Ashley. In fact, the discrepancy in the quantity of male-male and female-female romances — and the nudity its romance scenes show — indicates exactly the opposite.

There is nothing wrong with it and no I don't feel betrayed because for the relationship to start I would have to help it along and that is the problem.

Jenna is a designer and writer who lives in Boston with her wife, Stephanie, and their two cats, Flapjack and Ellie. We'll see if Vetra and Cora will be too. This is more what they did in DA2 with the only straight romance option being a dlc character who was a guy, which was different as it had 3 male compared to only 2 female options.

It seems like a difficult problem to work around. Nepali sexy girl image. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: GreyFox Follow Forum Posts: ME2 saw 3 more straight male and female options added but only Chambers was added as a bisexual option for lesbian femShep and there were still no options for gay Mshep. I bet there's also some mods for the PC versions of the game that let you do such things as well.

If not why and if yes which ones? Anything that could have prevented that would have been a good thing. Thank you for your feedback! I guess you can technically play Shepard as a gay dude, but then you can't do it with anyone as no one else aboard the ship is gay. Bioware has hardly burdened the unwitting masses with explicit gay subject matter -- they've simply allowed me to see my in-game character as I see myself.

Vannettethere is something additionally worthy of note with the PC version of Mass Effect 1. It was until Traynor that they attempted to explore a relationship in a way that it affect the general narrative as a homosexual Shepard you could listen to Shepard and Traynor flirting and interacting with each other throughout the duration of the game, similar with BroShep and Cortez and to a degree with Kaidan but even then the initial shower scene still reduce Shepard as a casual observer, it was still there to titillate rather than showing intimacy.

Justin then made a joke about Mass Effect 2 not satisfying the caller's lesbian fantasies. Ask New Question Sign In. There is no way that a heterosexual earth woman would be attracted to an Asari unless she was a lesbian. Wykillin Follow Forum Posts:

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Do you feel unnerved by her display of sexuality and interest in another guy that you find she's betraying you and that it was preferable to have her interested in another woman because the idea of it arouses you more? Turian LI's were restricted for ten years in the same manner that Quarians were restricted to male players.

This page may be out of date. No memes, macroslow-effort posts, or posts created only for ranting and not discussion. Big tits lolita. It's normal, people work differently. Never really thought of it that way, although for that reason never played any romances in ME. From what I heard, the developers had it worked into the game and everything until he found out, he was like, uhhh Part of the hullabaloo focused on the genders of the lovers in question. The site is removing inappropriate user content, but as I write this, there's still plenty of bile being spewed.

Even when a man plays a game he can't just turn off his mindfor alot of guys this means that we just can't bring ourselves to tell another man we love them or think their cute, because we don't, even if we are playing with a female character. You do make your own choices about who you romance, but you don't make the decision about his sexuality. Mass effect lesbian romance. Anyways i'm steering off topic here, if you have no current relationship, Kelly will messege you saying that she wants to come around for fun, at which point you can invite her up to the cabin as well, regardless of your gender.

Miranda is designed to be perfect and is likely looking for a perfect match to make perfect babies, LotSB shows she is very interested in having children at some point at least. Porn lesbian interracial. People so sensitive genuinely can't believe it sometimes. Andromedathis seems to manifest in the relative lack of male-male romances and in the ways its more explicit romance scenes are actually animated. In mass effect their is 1 straight male, 1 straight female, and 1 bisexual feminized alien so only 1 option for girl on girl action, 1 option for guy on girl action, and 1 option for girl on guy action.

There was this hilarious phone call on Joystiq's podcast where a guy complained he couldn't get his Female Shepard to romance Miranda. Skald Follow Forum Posts: Please don't hit me. If you want a relationship during the main game, you gotta rely on the other three, yes THREE, you mightent have noticed, but Jacob also has a lot of interest in Shephard, and hes the only one you actually see anything of in the scene Both Thane and Garrus are offscreen, you only see Shephard touch Garrus's face, or Shephard kissing Thane, nobody wants to see THAT kind of action lol, as a side note, dammit i'm jealous of the abs the game designers gave Jacob, thats one helluva buff body he has after the shirts off User Info: And if you're a member of the gaming press, use your words to say something meaningful.

Modding your game comes at your own risk, of course.

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But I am just curious! Kaidan to BroShep - I've always loved you as more than a friend. And his lips are wrinkly. I doubt she'd ever be as popular as Liara, but it would have helped. It's not always enough to say, "Well, here's a thing. Self promotion should be limited to a 1:

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